Our works are mainly oriented to the creation of chalet type single-family dwelling, but we also carry out projects of blocks of flats and apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, sports complexes, hospitals, auditoriums, and any other type of building that Could you propose us?

At Innova Urban we are committed to personalized construction, so we do not carry out modular constructions.
Our construction model is based on the building with profiles of galvanized steel without welding, also known as steel frame.

This system allows custom made constructions of very reduced weight, in comparison with the more traditional concrete construction, saves time and money in the execution and guarantees a very competitive price and without surprises to the delivery of keys.

For some time now, as entrepreneurs, we have been conducting research studies in this new construction system, both with Spanish and foreign companies. As a result of these studies, we can conclude that we have been pleasantly surprised by the exponential growth that is being experienced in the sector and its good reception, well above our expectations.
This new construction system is destined to be the future in all areas related to housing at an international level.

Mikos Jorgensen, president of Jorgensen Building, a company dedicated to the manufacture of steel frame, already commented: “The product is being inserted more and more into the market because it shows that the traditional construction is no longer the jewel in the crown, it is no more Quality guarantee. The materials have evolved and the change has come to the way we build our houses. ”

Our system, unlike similar ones that can currently be found in the market, is based on making a solid structure without any welding, which makes our system a unique, compact and very safe system.

It is an anti-seismic construction, proof of the most devastating tremors. This type of construction has been acquired as a definitive solution and has been used with great success in countries such as Turkey, which has spent years investing in the construction systems research to deal with the large number of earthquakes that plague the country.


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