Thanks to our construction system based on seamless galvanized steel profile structure, for its easy handling and low weight, we are able to carry out expansion works that will surprise you.

That house that remains small and we dare not expand with the construction of a new plant, for fear of high costs or simply because the structure would not support it.

That garage badly used, where we could build one or two floors above to be able to offer different uses.

That community of neighbors that could benefit from the construction of a couple of more plants in their building, complying with that change of municipal regulations that now allows it.

And many other expansions that arise as a result of the need for the passage of time, for wrong decisions taken at the time or simply because the regulations did not allow it and now has changed.

All that stops being a problem, a call is enough and a technical team starts up all its machinery. A study in the field will make our specialists determine the best solution for the extension that is being requested. Our technicians will draft an expansion proposal with everything related to quality, safety, insulation, price and delivery time.


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