The constructive system used by Innova Urban in all its buildings is based on the Steel Framing method, a dry construction system formed by a light structure of galvanized steel profiles.

In the factory, through complex computer processes and last generation robotic machinery, the entire structure of the project is prepared, which is assembled and disassembled on site by a specialized team, in order to ensure the correct preparation and assembly of all parts.
Custom construction. This system allows any type of construction to be carried out quickly, tailored and respecting the environment.

Our solution model is based on a totally customized construction, both in new projects, where you start from scratch with the design of the blueprint, and in the adaptation to the new system of any project defined in a more traditional model.

The outer walls are formed by the structural framework and by two layers of insulation with rock wool, one of 100 mm and another of 80 mm. These ensure a great interior thermal comfort and the disappearance of the feared thermal bridges.

On the inside we put double laminated plasterboard (water-repellent in the humid areas) and on the outside two sheets of fiber cement or finished with SATE system (Thermal Insulation System for Exterior) of reinforced mortar with finished glass mesh and placed on thermal insulation layer.

The covers may be flat or inclined. In both cases they are formed by the framework of galvanized steel profiles. On the outer side, structural boards of OSB (Oriented strand board) are placed, technical boards with great mechanical resistance and on the inside with laminated plasterboard.

Insulation with rock wool or expanded polystyrene.
In the inclined roofs, ceramic tiles are installed on wooden battens.


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